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Bradbury and Cooper Carskadon Site Article Published

Share thisCongratulations to Andrew P. Bradbury and D. Randall Cooper on their publication in the most recent issue of Missouri Archaeological Society Quarterly. Bradbury and Cooper discuss the excavations at the Carskadon Site associated with the Avenue of Saints (AOS)

Paleoethnobotany: Botanical analysis of archaeological sites

Share thisThe paleoethnobotanical laboratory at CRA provides analysis of botanical remains for historic and prehistoric archaeological sites. Paleoethnobotany or archaeobotany is the study of the relationship between plants and people through the field of archaeology. Paleoethnobotanists learn how plants were

Cultural Resource Inventory for the Vivaldi Wind Farm in Montana

Share thisIn 2009 Ecology and Environment, Inc., contracted CRA to perform a Class III cultural resource inventory for a proposed wind farm. This was undertaken in compliance with the requirements of the Montana Facility Siting Act. Colin R. Ferriman served

Archaeological Investigations of Site 15Ck478 at Lower Howard’s Creek

Share thisPrior to conducting the cultural resource survey in 2007, Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc., had conducted archaeological investigations in the Lower Howard’s Creek Nature and Heritage Preserve intermittently since 1998. Archival research on the valley’s history was completed in 1998

Discovering Boone’s Station

Share thisIn 1999, in cooperation with Dr. Don Linebaugh and Nancy O’Malley of the University of Kentucky, conductivity and magnetometry surveys were completed of the site of Daniel Boone’s second Kentucky settlement (following Boonesborough) located near Athens, Kentucky, and known

Cultural Resource Inventory on Reclamation Property in and around the Pueblo Reservoir in Colorado

Share thisIn June of 2006, the United States Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) solicited a requirement under Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act to conduct a Class III cultural resource inventory on Reclamation property in and around Pueblo Reservoir,

Diversity Analysis

Share thisCultural Resource Analysts, Inc., employs a number of lithic specialists. Lithic specialists use various measures to better analyze the lithic assemblage from a site and create a picture of what life may have looked like for prehistoric people. One

The Anvil Points Facility in Colorado

Share thisCultural Resource Analysts, Inc. (CRA), conducted a Class III cultural resource inventory for Locality 5 of the Anvil Points Facility. Six other Localities were recorded by CRA personnel for a previous project. Locality 5 included the mine water supply

Exploring Argosy

Share thisBetween November 2004, and June 2007, CRA conducted survey, testing, and data recovery programs to identify, assess, and mitigate impacts to the cultural resources affected by the expansion of the Argosy Casino gaming facility in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. This large

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Data Recovery for Baker’s Bluff Site in Licking County, Ohio

Share thisIn 2006, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), District 5 contracted CRA to conduct archaeological data recovery investigations at the multi-component Baker’s Bluff site (33LI1094/1096) located within the alignment of the State Route 161 improvement project in St. Albans

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