CRA field crew performing excavation work at the Baxter Lake site.

Bradbury and Bundy published in The Missouri Archaeologist

Andrew Bradbury and Paul Bundy were recently published in The Missouri Archaeologist. Their article “The Early Archaic Hardin Barbed Component at the Baxter Lake Site, Lewis County, Missouri” was published in Volume 75  of The Missouri Archaeologist.

The published article discusses in-depth their excavations of the Baxter Lake Site during the Avenue of Saints project in 2005. The work consisted of intensive investigations conducted in three stages. During the investigations, intact deposits were identified. Ultimately, the investigation identified an Early Archaic Hardin Barbed component at the site. With the data gathered during the excavations, Bradbury and Bundy were able to construct a picture of what Early Archaic lifeways may have looked like in the area.

You can read the full article in Volume 75 of The Missouri Archaeologist. To find out how to subscribe to The Missouri Archaeologist, visit their

Congratulations to Andrew Bradbury and Paul Bundy on their recent publication.