Author: Savannah Westerfield

Are you CRA’s next Accounting Clerk?

Accounting Clerk

Share thisCULTURAL RESOURCE ANALYSTS, Inc. seeks an experienced Accounting Clerk willing to work in a fast paced, ever changing, ambitious environment. The candidate will be expected to learn and implement new procedures within existing software programs. This positions is for

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Want to work for CRA?

Share thisHelp Needed Nationwide – Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc., (CRA)  is actively seeking supervisory-level archaeologists and architectural historians in all 50 states.  CRA can be called upon with little or no notice to support FEMA activities anywhere in the country.

One Man’s Trash is an Archaeologist’s Treasure

Share thisIf a man’s trash tells his story, then an archaeologist is the ghost-writer of the story. What may appear to most as discarded relics helps an archaeologist create a picture of what everyday life may have been like years

Niquette presented McGimsey-Davis Award

Share thisWhen you put your heart and soul (and your back) into something, people notice. Charles Niquette, known by most as Chuck, has spent over 30 years preserving prehistory and history both with his company Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc., and through

Where the Wild Things are…or grow…in Georgia

Share thisBy Paul G. Avery Most archaeologists are drawn to the field by a desire for adventure and the thrill of discovery.  Then we find out that our ‘adventures’ consist mostly of pastures, briars, and hundreds of empty holes!  But

Andrew Bradbury Teaches Cub Scouts about Flintknapping

Share thisOn June 7, Andrew Bradbury, an archaeologist working in CRA’s Knoxville office, spent a day discussing archaeology and flintknapping with Cub Scouts from the Toqua District (West Knoxville) Day Camp. Every year the scouts have a day camp. The

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A Letter to Pat Garrow: Happy Retirement

Share thisToday Pat Garrow will be retiring from CRA.  While he has only been with CRA for 5 ½ years, his retirement marks the end of a career spanning over 50 years.  Few people can match that longevity or the

Presentation on Dead Horse Lateral Pipeline Cultural Resources Research

Share thisLead archaeologist Colin R. Ferriman, Director of Operations – Wyoming, will be presenting the results of the research conducted during the Dead Horse Lateral Pipeline project at 3:30 pm January 29, 2016 at the Moab Information Center, Moab, Utah. Environmental

CRA completes 2-year project for Civil War-era cemeteries

Share thisAs part of the National Cemetery Administration (NCA), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ commemoration of the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, Cultural Resource Analysts just completed a two-year project to create interpretive signs for NCA’s 79 Civil War-era national

Congratulations to the Utah Office

Share thisCongratulations to Marcel Corbeil, Director of Operations – Utah, Bonnie Gibson, and Sara Galbraith on the high praise they received from the  NRCS regarding their work during the first year of  the NRCS Utah ID/IQ contract. The team was