Shoutout to our incredible Lab Tech, Rick Haberer!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Rick’s outstanding contributions to our Lexington office. Rick retired from selling tires for 35 years. Apparently bored in his retirement, one day, he knocked on the office door, asked what we did at CRA, and asked if he could help. From day one, he has been an absolute gem, going above and beyond to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Rick’s dedication and willingness to help are truly remarkable. No matter the task at hand, he jumps right in without hesitation, ready to lend a hand wherever needed. Whether assisting in the lab, organizing equipment, or offering support to the team, Rick’s reliability and attention to detail are unmatched.
What truly sets Rick apart is his infectious positivity. He greets everyone with a warm smile and takes the time to ask how your day is going making everyone feel valued and heard. In a busy and demanding environment, his upbeat attitude is a breath of fresh air.
It’s incredible to have someone like Rick on our team who consistently brings positivity, enthusiasm, and genuine care for others. His presence brightens our office and reminds us of the importance of teamwork and camaraderie.
So, ‘let’s give a round of applause to Rick for being an amazing addition to our team. Thank you for your unwavering support, your infectious spirit, and your dedication to making our workplace a better place. We’re lucky to have you, Rick!