Pushcart magnetometer, a metallic white pole structure resting on two wheels, in open field.

CRA acquires state-of-the-art Geophyz tool

Pushcart magnetometer, a metallic white pole structure resting on two wheels, in open field.At CRA, we stress the use of multiple survey techniques to gain maximum information in a cost efficient manner. That’s why, since 1987, CRA has pioneered the integration of near-surface geophysical techniques with fieldwork to reduce costs and improve the quality of cultural resource evaluations. CRA recently purchased a push cart with five magnetometer sensors from a German company named SENSYS. A SENSYS representative, Gorden Konieczek, was here the week of April 4 to train staff on the machine and software.


The push-cart magnetometer system MAGNETO® MXPDA is used for the detection of ferromagnetic objects in small- and medium-sized areas. Equipped with a RTK DGPS, the system allows geo referenced measurements of the survey area. This is especially helpful when carrying out surveys in rough terrain, as it is no longer necessary to chart and set up the tracks. This updated cutting-edge technology will provide more efficient results. The data and the measured tracks are displayed directly on the 10-inch tablet. The tablet PC acts as the control unit of the measurement system. All measurement signals are digitized by the data acquisition unit MXPDA and transferred to the PC. The PC saves the data as measured tracks,  faster than ever before, on a hard disc. When using the optional DGPS, the system will also geo reference all the measurement points with an accuracy of ±1cm. All system components are directly fixed to the carrier. The power supply is placed in the carrier harness. This harness is also used to carry the system in environments where wheels will not work. While CRA’s machine is configured as a push cart, there are optional parts that can be added to enable one to pull the cart behind an ATV. An operator can survey 8 to 10 acres a day as a push cart and up to 100 acres a day as a towed cart.


CRA is excited to utilize the new technology and provide accurate and cost efficient results for our clients. You can see Gordon’s demonstration of how to use the new machine HERE.