Sarah Reynolds

Architectural Historian

University of Kentucky, B.A. Anthropology

University of Kentucky, B.A. Spanish and Latin American Studies

University of Kentucky, M.H.P.



Architectural Historian

Sarah Reynolds is an architectural historian with a master’s in historic preservation from the University of Kentucky. Prior to developing an interest in historic architecture, Sarah’s early academic career focused on the histories of other cultures, specifically those from Latin America. She received Bachelor of Arts degrees in anthropology, Spanish, and Latin American studies from the University of Kentucky. While working on these degrees, she spent a summer abroad in Mexico. Through her study of historic cultures and their associated built environment, Sarah developed an appreciation for historic resources. While Sarah has a deep appreciation of historic buildings (vernacular and high style) and the built environment, she most enjoys learning about the people who historically lived in said buildings.


Sarah has served as an architectural historian in CRA’s Kentucky office for many years. Her responsibilities include field supervisor, author, and principal investigator. She has a thorough understanding of Section 106 and Section 110 compliance, mitigation procedures, National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) evaluation, and field management. Sarah has experience working with various types of projects including highway improvement/reconstruction projects, electric transmission corridors, United States Army Corps of Engineers jurisdictional boundary projects, and cellular telecommunication towers. Sarah also has experience completing NRHP nominations, historic context reports, creative mitigation, and Section 110 documentation. She has worked all over Kentucky, as well as in Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.


Outside of work Sarah enjoys traveling, long drives through the rural landscape, live music, and spending quality time with her dog, family, and friends.