Sarah Reynolds

Architectural Historian

University of Kentucky, B.A. Anthropology

University of Kentucky, B.A. Spanish and Latin American Studies

University of Kentucky, Master of Historic Preservation



Architectural Historian

Ms. Reynolds received her master’s degree in Historic Preservation in 2010 and began employment as an Architectural Historian for Culture Resource Analysts, Inc.’s Lexington office in May 2011, providing her with years of experience as an Architectural Historian and Field Supervisor. Ms. Reynolds’ responsibilities at CRA include researching and documenting historic properties by conducting archival research and field surveys, evaluating the significance of historic properties, and preparing written reports that provide summary findings and recommendations for various types of cultural historic projects. Ms. Reynolds has experience surveying various types of projects for Section 106 compliance including highway improvement/reconstruction projects, electric transmission corridors, United States Army Corps of Engineers jurisdictional boundary projects, and cellular telecommunication towers. She also has experience evaluating the potential effects such projects have on sites listed in or determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Ms. Reynolds has the training to conduct professional archival research on historic properties and to compile written reports synthesizing various types of information.


Outside of work, Ms. Reynolds enjoys traveling, seeing live music, and hanging out with her dog.