Madeline Staley

Field Technician 

University of Evansville,  Anthropology

Madeline Staley is originally from Peoria, Illinois, and she graduated from the University of Evansville in 2020 with her bachelor’s degree in anthropology. While a student at the University of Evansville, she participated in an on-campus field school in an area known as Tin City, where there used to be housing for World War II veterans and their families from 1946 to 1961. After conducting research for this field school, Madeline knew she enjoyed hands-on research, leading her to an internship at the Willard Library Archive in Evansville, Indiana, for her last semester of undergraduate studies. Due to the pandemic, Madeline moved back to Peoria, but in 2023, Madeline found her way to CRA as a field technician at the Lexington office.


Apart from archaeology, Madeline has numerous interests. She has a deep love for both adventures in and outdoors including hiking, rock climbing, and more. She also has a passion for reading; her preferred genres are rom-coms and fantasies. Madeline loves to travel and explore new places with both new and old friends. She can often be found with her coworker and roommate Millie exploring new coffee shops and thrifting. She’s traveled across the US from the California redwoods to Washington D.C.