Lisa J. Kelley

Principal Investigator

University of Iowa, B.A. Anthropology

University of Iowa, Certificate in American Indian and Native Studies

University of Iowa, Certificate in Museum Studies

Lisa Kelley has over twelve years of archaeological field experience in the Midwest, Great Plains, Great Basin, and Ohio River Valley areas of the country. Lisa has experience in supervising field surveys, excavating historic and prehistoric archaeological sites, conducting deed and archival research, authoring technical reports, and utilizing GIS data, transit and total station equipment. She holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Iowa. Her early years of professional work in Iowa and South Dakota had an emphasis on archaeological work in conjunction with Native American groups. She focused her research interests on Native American prehistoric of the Midwest and Plains regions, and obtained an education certificate in Native American Studies. She also has earned a certificate in Museum Studies. Most recently she has been involved at a supervisory level in historic urban archaeological projects in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, and involved with compiling a historic context for these excavations. Ms. Kelley worked with CRA as a field technician on the Avenue of the Saints data recovery project in 2005–2006 and returned to the company in October of 2008. While at CRA, Lisa has supervised various sizes and types of phase I surveys, served as crew chief for two Phase II/III excavations, and authored, co-authored, and contributed to numerous survey and excavation reports. Her hobbies include camping and hiking, road trips, and playing trivia, cards, and board games.