Niquette being presented with award by McGimsey.

Niquette Receives McGimsey-Davis Award

When you put your heart and soul (and your back) into something, people notice. Charles Niquette, known by most as Chuck, has spent over 30 years preserving prehistory and history both with his company Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc., and through his service with organizations such as the Society for American Archaeology, the Register of Professional Archaeologists, and LEAP.

His dedication to cultural resource management and the discipline of archaeology is evident to all those who meet him. Recently, the Register of Professional Archaeologists acknowledged his dedication by presenting Chuck with the Charles R. McGimsey III – Hester A. Davis Distinguished Service Award at their board meeting.

The Charles R. McGimsey III – Hester A. Davis Distinguished Service Award is named for two individuals who dedicated their lives in service to professional archaeology. Chuck was fortunate to know and work closely with both Charles “Bob” McGimsey and Hester Davis while he worked on his Master’s degree at the University of Arkansas. He recalls Bob being a visionary within the discipline, a political activist who refused “no” for an answer, and a mover and a shaker in american archaeology. Hester served as his mentor and chair of his graduate committee. As you can imagine, after presenting the first McGimsey-Davis award to Bob and Hester in 2005, Chuck was very humbled and honored to receive the award this year.

The current president of the RPA, Terry Klein presented the award to Chuck in front of his friends and colleagues at the RPA board meeting. You can read the full transcript of his speech here.

Congratulations Chuck on the distinguished recognition!