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CRA recognizes the importance of electrical transmission grids, water supply and treatment, sewage treatment, communications networks, and related public infrastructure to our communities and the tremendous expenditure of time and money such projects represent. Environmental permitting is critical to the successful development and improvement of such projects, and CRA regularly works with power and utility companies, environmental consultants, local municipalities, local and regional cooperatives, regulatory agencies, and others to provide the cultural resource services needed to move community projects forward in a timely manner.


Well-versed in the varied landscapes and geographies in which utility infrastructure is placed, CRA has extensive experience in carrying out cultural resource requirements for everything from large-scale rebuilds of urban and rural transmission networks to developing and constructing reservoirs, treatment plants, and telecommunications towers. Our services include everything from evaluating historic facilities for potential historical significance to archaeological investigations and viewshed analysis along newly-developed corridors to Section 106 consultation and mitigating adverse effects. No matter the project type or funding source, we are committed to assisting local communities and service providers with responsive, efficient cultural resource services.

How We Help on

Utility Projects

  • Records reviews
  • Due diligence/red flag studies
  • Phase I cultural resource studies
  • Class I, II, and III inventories
  • Effects assessments
  • Public consultation
  • EA/EIS Cultural Resource Support
  • FCC Form 620/621
  • Photosimulations
  • Viewshed analysis
  • Construction monitoring
  • MOAs/MOUs
  • Mitigation

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