Heritage Tourism + Public Education

Well-versed in preparing documentary and interpretive materials of the highest quality, CRA’s public history and historic preservation specialists understand that public educational products are the connecting thread that weave the stories of our past to our heritage assets. We take a personal interest in building partnerships to help you share your story and craft a solid foundation that encourages the public to explore and connect with our cultural history.


Whether designing interpretive signage that connects viewers with the landscape in front of them or developing an educational booklet designed to further knowledge of a particular place, CRA is equipped to help you craft your message and engage your audience. Having developed materials ranging from interpretation of specific historic sites to regional and nationwide interpretive and outreach programs for federal agencies, CRA has the necessary experience to help you share your story through high-quality, visually-appealing materials that are accessible to broad audiences, from school age children to professional practitioners.


Importantly, CRA recognizes that well-developed materials are critical to building awareness and appreciation of our cultural identity, which ultimately promote a sense of public responsibility and ownership that encourages the respectful treatment of our shared heritage. This understanding underlies our approach to working with historic sites, local governments, non-profit organizations, federal agencies, and other entities to synthesize the stories of our past with contemporary design and capitalize on opportunities to interweave our heritage into the fabric of the landscape.


Heritage Tourism + Education Services

Whether you need a single product as part of a mitigation project or are looking to establish a long-term interpretive program for your community, CRA’s public history specialists can help you craft a message to meet your goals.

  • Booklets, Brochures, and Pamphlets
  • Heritage Tourism Studies
  • Historical Markers
  • Interpretation Plans
  • Interpretive Signage
  • Interpretive Writing
  • Oral History Programs
  • Posters and Displays
  • Teaching with Historic Places Programs
  • Public Outreach
  • Walking and Driving Tours
  • Website Development

Our Approach

  • Listen

    Our projects start with collaboration, open discussion, and careful listening so that we can help you tell your story in a meaningful way.

  • Discover

    Our public history specialists use their expertise in locating historical photos, maps, and other data to help convey important aspects of your story.

  • Craft

    Combining gathered materials with creative design solutions, we craft a tailored product that tells your story in an engaging, attractive format.

  • Deliver

    Working with our manufacturers, we deliver high-quality, enduring products that capture the story you wish to tell, no matter the format.

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