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Class III Cultural Resource Inventory and Visual Contrast Rating for Sievers Ranch


Working with the Bureau of Land Management, CRA conducted a Class III cultural resource inventory and visual contrast rating assessment of the Sievers Ranch in response to the construction of nearby well pads and related infrastructure, a portion of which are located on lands with mineral rights administered by the BLM. The Siever Homestead had been previously recommended as eligible for listing in the National Register under Criteria A, C, and D. While the property would not be directly impacted by the project, the proximity of the development warranted a visual contrast rating analysis in order to evaluate potential indirect effects.


The natural landscape around the Sievers Ranch consists of rolling plains with horizontal and low-angle diagonal lines. To aid in the visual contrast assessment, five key observation points were used to assess the integrity of the visual setting of the site. These locations represented the highest portion of the site with the widest viewshed. Based on the visual analysis, CRA concluded that the well pads, as planned, would introduce an incompatible intrusion into the setting of the historic property. To minimize the potential for adverse effects, CRA recommended relocating the western pad slightly downslope to obscure the view of the facility.




Campbell County, Wyoming


Bureau of Land Management



Archaeology, Architectural History + Historic Preservation, Federal, NHPA + NEPA Compliance, Oil + Gas, Wyoming
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