About This Project

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Historic Preservation Support


CRA provides ongoing historic preservation support to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to help them meet their compliance needs. CRA’s work at the facility originated with a comprehensive review of ORNL’s state of compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act, including a review of how their existing Historic Preservation Plan and Programmatic Agreement are working to identify ways to streamline compliance to facilitate efficient implementation of modernization efforts while respecting the national significance of the facility.


Following recommendations to ORNL leadership, CRA has since completed a number of other tasks, including a facility-wide survey that documented and evaluated 195 buildings and the National Register-eligible ORNL Historic District. The survey report builds on previous studies to include updated documentation of current conditions, provide NRHP evaluations of resources in consideration of their type and significance within the history of the Manhattan Project and ORNL, and present the information in a customized, reader-friendly format designed to meet the anticipated needs of ORNL staff. CRA has also helped complete several building documentation packages in advance of project activities and is assisting ORNL to update their Historic Preservation Plan and Programmatic Agreement to facilitate preservation and modernization efforts better.




Oak Ridge, Tennessee


UT-Battelle, on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy



Architectural History + Historic Preservation, Federal, NHPA+ NEPA Compliance, Tennessee
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