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Historic Structure Reports and Cultural Landscape Reports for Indiana State Historic Sites


The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites Corporation (ISMHS) oversees and manages preservation activities at historic sites owned by the State of Indiana. CRA has continuously worked with the IMSHS on a series of historic structure reports (HSR) and cultural landscape reports (CLR) at various historic sites across the state since 2014, including Corydon Capitol State Historic Site, New Harmony State Historic Site, T.C. Steele State Historic Site, and Vincennes State Historic Site.


In preparing HSRs and CLRs for the ISMHS, an emphasis has been placed on providing site personnel with a compilation of all known historical information regarding the resources and a comprehensive record of current conditions based on extensive archival research, photographic documentation, and measured plans. Upon this framework and in consideration of the significance of the properties, the reports also provide recommendations for short– and long-term management, restoration, interpretation, and maintenance of the properties at these state historic sites. In total, the documents serve as a basis for appropriate and efficient decision-making as it relates to ongoing stewardship of the irreplaceable heritage assets associated with Indiana’s rich collection of state historic sites.




Indiana, Multiple Locations


Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites



Architectural History + Historic Preservation, Heritage Preservation and Education, Indiana, Local + State
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