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Determinations of Eligibility for U.S. Border Patrol Facilities


The General Services Administration retained CRA to complete a Determination of Eligibility for the 1965 Border Patrol Sector Headquarters in Havre, Hill County, Montana, and the 1966 Border Patrol Sector Headquarters in Grand Forks, North Dakota. CRA completed extensive archival research on the development of the properties and, in the absence of a pre-existing historic context for 1960s U.S. Border Patrol facilities, prepared a developmental and architectural context for better understanding the property type within its local, regional, and national contexts. CRA also undertook analysis of other 1960s-era border patrol facilities located along the Canadian border to establish thresholds for eligibility for listing in the NRHP. Based on the established contexts and comprehensive building documentation and in consideration of the U.S. Border Patrol’s northern building program during the era, CRA determined that the Havre facility was ineligible for listing in the NRHP due to a lack of integrity and that the Grand Forks facility was eligible under Criteria A and C.




Montana and North Dakota


U.S. General Services Administration



Architectural History + Historic Preservation, Federal, Indiana
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