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Public Outreach Materials for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Program


CRA was retained by the Huntington District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to assist with the research, design, and production of public outreach materials initially recommended in the Historic Properties Management Plan for Fishtrap Lake in Pike County, Kentucky. The outreach materials were intended to educate Corps personnel and increase public awareness and appreciation of the importance of our shared heritage and the laws in place to protect unique and non-renewable cultural resources located on Corps-managed lands.


As part of the project, CRA worked closely with Corps staff to design a series of highly illustrative interpretive panels, a public educational poster placed at kiosks throughout Corps properties, and an educational brochure distributed at various Corps sites. Based on conversations with Corps personnel about ongoing challenges at its properties, CRA crafted custom educational materials that are both visually appealing and broadly accessible to a variety of audiences and will provide the framework for ongoing outreach efforts by the Corps to educate the public about environmental stewardship and cultural resource management. The materials enhance the Corps’ ability to effectively manage its properties and engage the public as stewards of our shared heritage.




West Virginia and Kentucky


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers



Federal, Heritage Preservation and Education, Heritage Tourism + Public Education, West Virginia
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