Travis Hurdle

Tennessee Director of Operations

Western Carolina University, B.S. Anthropology

Travis W. Hurdle is the Director of Tennessee Operations and has been in charge of Business Development since 2011. He has thirteen years of practical experience in the field of cultural resource management. His responsibilities include marketing, client retention, proposal construction, report preparation, and project management. Travis has supervised, excavated, and documented hundreds of archaeological sites concentrated in the southeastern United States. His field experience has included reconnaissance level survey, site evaluation, and data recovery. His expertise is primarily based in the coastal plain of North Carolina where he conducted years of Phase II evaluations on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue, and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.


Travis completed his undergraduate studies in anthropology, graduating with magna cum laude honors from Western Carolina University in 2006.


Travis, his lovely wife, Lauren, and their three children now reside thirty miles east of Knoxville in a beautiful small town named Dandridge, TN. His interests are his children, playing golf, community service, and playing guitar.