Tammera Nolen

Chief Financial Officer

B.S., Business Administration

Hailing from the West Coast, Tammera Nolen has over thirty years of financial, owner/operator and upper management experience. Prior to joining CRA, she worked for the State of Kentucky as a fiscal services officer and was primarily responsible for handling millions of dollars in workers’ compensation revenues for the State. She was the CEO for a conglomerate of companies in the coal mining industry for 9 years. She also owned and operated her own business in the past, a thriving Equine training company. She was directly responsible for the selection, care, and preparation of 14 World Champion Equine athletes.


In 2016, Tammera joined CRA as a Senior Staff Accountant. In February of 2017 she was promoted to Chief Financial Officer for CRA. Tammera is committed to being a team leader and moving the company forward by spearheading efforts to streamline procedures and processes.


In her spare time Tammera enjoys genealogy, cooking and working on foreign language skills (German).