Steven D. Creasman, RPA

Executive Vice President
RPA Registration No. 10258

Colorado State University, B.A. Anthropology

Colorado State University, M.A. Anthropology



Steve Creasman has over 40 years of field, laboratory, management, and teaching experience in archaeology and historic preservation beginning when he was a volunteer on the excavation of a prehistoric rockshelter near Ft. Collins, Colorado, in 1972. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in anthropology from Colorado State University with an emphasis in North American archaeology. His main areas of interest are hunter-gatherer studies, geoarchaeology, and ethnoarchaeology. Steve has a broad range of geographical experience in North America, including the Great Basin, Rocky Mountains, Plains, and Eastern Woodlands. His Eastern Woodland experience is concentrated in the Ohio River and Cumberland River drainages. Within these geographic areas, he has organized and managed a wide range of small and large-scale projects and has created and executed testing and data recovery plans for Archaic, Woodland, Late Prehistoric, and Historic period sites located in floodplain/terrace, upland, and rockshelter settings. He has also organized and coordinated multi-disciplinary research teams.


Steve began employment with CRA in 1992. Since that time, he has functioned as a Principal Investigator for CRA’s corporate office and the primary project manager for all transportation jobs. He was appointed Executive Vice President in 2000, and his duties now include marketing; coordination with state and federal agencies and private sector clients; development of research designs, scopes of work, and budgets; technical review of project reports; project staffing; and management of field and office personnel.


Steve has authored, or co-authored, hundreds of technical reports for phase I, II, and III projects, as well as a number of publications. He belongs to several professional organizations and societies, including the Register of Professional Archaeologists. He has served as the treasurer of the Wyoming Association of Professional Archeologists and the Kentucky Association of Professional Archaeologists. He served on the Wyoming Centennial Commission from 1990-1992. Since joining CRA, Steve has completed additional technical training, including OSHA safety and competent person for trenching and excavation, Section 106, GIS and CAD, and transportation-related (“Thinking Beyond the Pavement” and “Public Involvement in the Transportation Decision-Making Process”) courses.


Away from work, his life centers on his family (wife Tonya and daughter Maya). Steve’s wonderful wife Tonya, a fabulous graphics designer, has tolerated him for over 26 years. Their daughter Maya graduated from Tates Creek High School in 2009 and Easter Kentucky University majoring in criminal justice and works for the law firm of Morgan and Morgan. Steve loves to hit the beach with his family and golf. He is also researching his family history. His ancestors on his father’s side were early settlers in McMinn and Meigs counties in Tennessee. His ancestors on his mother’s side (Lane and Edwards) were early residents of Virginia. The Lanes were some of the first families of northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.