Robert Clarke

Field Supervisor

James Madison University, B.A. History

American Public Univesity, M.A. History



Robert Clarke, MA, serves as a Staff Archaeologist responsible for conducting fieldwork, organizing and analyzing project data, and preparing technical reports. He has a bachelor’s in history from James Madison University and a master’s in classical history from American Public University. Mr. Clarke has worked as a professional archaeologist contributing to cultural resource projects in 13 Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest United States states. Mr. Clarke has participated in and performed supervisory roles in various large and small-scale projects, including transportation and pipeline surveys, large-scale recovery of human remains, canal boat excavation and recovery, National Register site eligibility testing, data recovery efforts, and construction monitoring. Mr. Clarke has over 30 years of field experience in Mid-Atlantic archaeology. He specializes in historic archaeological analysis, urban archaeological fieldwork, and military history. He enjoys attending American Revolutionary period reenactments in his spare time with his wife and four children.