D. Randall Cooper

CAD/GIS Specialist

University of Tennessee, B.A. Anthropology

Randy Cooper has participated in extensive archaeological research in Tennessee, North Dakota, Alaska, California, Wyoming, and Kentucky since 1982. He has supervised and authored reports for numerous archaeological projects, ranging from small-scale archaeological reconnaissance to larger scale testing. His field experience includes archaeological pedestrian survey, cave survey, testing, excavation, and oral history collection in several regions of North America, including the Southeast, Great Plains, Mojave Desert, and coastal Alaska. He also has extensive laboratory experience, which includes analysis and curation of both prehistoric and historic artifacts. Randy specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), prehistoric lithic analysis, relational database design, technical writing, southeastern prehistory, and the history and anthropology of Alaska. He is also a skilled flintknapper and has conducted flintknapping workshops for the general public and grade school and college students for more than 20 years.


Randy has worked for CRA since 2001. He was primarily a field supervisor and report author until he joined CRA’s CAD department in 2012. His duties now consist mainly of GIS data processing and report cartography.