Josue Nieves

Virginia Lab Director

Boston University, B.A. Archaeology and History

William & Mary, M.A. Anthropology

William & Mary, Ph.D. Anthropology



Dr. Nieves serves as the Laboratory Director in the Henrico, Virginia office of Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc. He has over 7 years of professional archaeological and cultural resource management experience. This experiences encompass all aspects of a given project, including proposal development, field excavations, laboratory analysis, and final report preparation. Since 2010, Dr. Nieves has participated in field and laboratory research throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States, having experience in both historic and prehistoric archaeology. Dr. Nieves’s specialized skills include excavation and analysis of prehistoric and historic domestic sites, ethnobotanical analysis, GIS-based mapping, and complying with federal and state historic preservation legislation. He has extensive experience presenting papers at national and regional archaeology conferences, grant writing, and has single-authored an article and book review in major regional journals.