Clarissa Gearner

Architectural Historian

University of Georgia, Master’s in Historic Preservation


Clarissa Gearner joined CRA in 2023. As an architectural historian, her responsibilities include researching and documenting historic properties by conducting archival research and field surveys, evaluating the significance of historic properties, and preparing written reports that provide summary findings and recommendations.


Clarissa received her master’s in historic preservation and certificate in cultural landscape conservation from the University of Georgia in 2023. Her master’s research focused on heritage interpretation of Archaic and Woodland-period agriculture at Red River Gorge. While at UGA, she worked as a graduate assistant at FindIt, the architectural survey wing of the College of Environment and Design’s public service and outreach office, the Center for Community Design and Preservation.


Clarissa enjoys hiking, painting, music, and spending time observing the flora and fauna of her Eastern Kentucky home.