Clara Hoefer

Field Technician

East Tennessee State University, BA Anthropology

Clara Hoefer grew up on a dairy farm in Claxton, Tennessee, near Knoxville, and she graduated from East Tennessee State University (ETSU) in December 2022. In her second to last semester attending ETSU, Clara took a CRM Archaeology course and decided to try ETSU’s Cannon’s Point Preserve field school which took place in Georgia. Even though the field school consisted of swarms of mosquitoes, constant tick sightings, and some heat cramps, she thoroughly enjoyed the work and the history behind the artifacts. Cannon’s Point Preserve was believed to have wattle and tabby daub housing styles which had only been found in parts of the Caribbean and West Africa.


Clara enjoys watching movies and TV shows, going to local rodeos and flea markets, and going on scenic hikes. She enjoys hanging out with her family and all her pets (including the beef cattle) back home in Claxton.