Andrew V. Martin, RPA

Indiana Director of Operations
Lithic Specialist
RPA Registration No. 61710

Gannon University, B.A. Anthropology

Ball State University, M.A. Anthropology



Andy Martin has been a Principal Investigator at CRA since 2002. He holds a master’s degree in anthropology from Ball State University with an emphasis in archaeology and cultural resource management. Andy has over 13 years of experience in archaeology and historic preservation including field, laboratory, and project management experience. Most of Andy’s experience is in Indiana, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, although he has worked on larger projects in Louisiana and Missouri, as well as various small projects throughout the Midwest. He belongs to several professional and avocational archaeological organizations, including the Register of Professional Archaeologists, and he regularly presents papers at regional and national archaeological meetings.


Andy’s research interests include Archaic settlement and subsistence, as well as lithic technology and geoarchaeology. He also has training in Geographic Information Systems design and regularly applies this technology to archaeological visualization and analysis on a variety of projects. Andy has fostered his interests through documentation and evaluation of prehistoric sites in various contexts throughout the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys. Among other projects, Andy is currently involved with the analysis of data from Early Archaic through Late Woodland sites found within alluvial/colluvial fan deposits in northeastern Missouri.


When not doing archaeology or working on his house, Andy enjoys camping, mountain biking, hiking, and gardening. For several years, with mixed results, he has also experimented with making beer.