Aaron Harth

Field Supervisor
Historic Materials Specialist

University of Southern Indiana, B.S. Sociology

Aaron Harth has seven years of archaeological experience as a Field Technician and Field Supervisor. His experience has been primarily in the Ohio River Valley region, and his research interests revolve around this region as well. His career as an archaeologist began as an intern for the Indiana State Museum in the historic southern Indiana town of New Harmony. Aaron has worked for CRA in the Evansville, Indiana, office since his final semester at the University of Southern Indiana in 2009. He has been privileged to experience many different aspects of CRM archeology during his time with CRA and has been fortunate to work with many talented professional archaeologists throughout the years. Aaron also serves as a Historic Materials Specialist for CRA.


In his free time, Aaron enjoys playing golf, camping, hiking, and continued research on the various cultures that have inhabited the Ohio River Valley.