Jesse T. Wright

Chief Information Officer

Database Applications Developer

CAD/GIS Specialist


Central Kentucky Technical College, MCSE

Jesse Wright joined CRA in 2001 to provide CAD and GIS expertise for CRA for map production using AutoCAD, ArcGIS, and MicroStation. He currently serves as the Chief Information Officer and Database Applications Developer, managing a corporate network spanning multiple in-house servers and in branch offices across the country. As a database applications developer, Jesse has spent the past 17 years using FileMaker to build our corporate database solutions. From sales lead, customer, budget and proposal management, to a full project management solution, tracking fieldwork, job costing, report writing and final report publication. Jesse has also built a number of digital in-field data collection applications for use on the iPad to help expedite our in-field data collection process. Jesse has built numerous web-based applications in HTML, ASP, and PHP, as well as both intraoffice and public web-sites for CRA and continues to update and develop as technologies improve.