Viewshed Analysis for the Jacksonville Cellular Communications Tower In Franklin County, Kentucky

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Location: Franklin County, Kentucky
Client: Craig and Associates on behalf of Verizon Wireless, Inc.
Date: August 2009
CRA Project Manager: Karen Hudson, PhD

structureProject Description: The project involved the construction of a 91-m (299-ft) self-supporting cellular communications tower atop a ridge in Franklin County, Kentucky. Craig and Associates requested that CRA evaluate the effects of the project on those properties located within the area of potential effect (APE) that are listed in, or eligible for, the National Register of Historic Places. The APE for visual impacts was based upon the guidance found in Section VI.C.4.a of the “Nationwide Programmatic Agreement for Review of Effects on Historic Properties for Certain Undertakings Approved by the Federal Communications Commission.” This guidance sets a .75-mile APE for newly-constructed towers more than 200 feet but less than 400 ft in height. Because the project requires the construction of a 299-ft self-supporting tower, the APE for visual effects was set at a .75-mile radius surrounding the proposed tower site. Prior to the field survey, viewshed analysis was conducted with the Spatial Analyst extension in ArcView. Based on the results of the viewshed results, it was determined that the cell tower would be visible from approximately 75 percent of the .75-mile APE and that 25 percent of the APE would require no survey, saving time and expense.viewshed

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