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Archaeological and Architectural Survey of Proposed Improvements to Richmond International Airport

Share thisIn November 2011, CRA completed an archaeological and architectural survey for the Capital Region Airport Commission’s ten proposed improvements to the Richmond International Airport (RIC) as a component of an environmental assessment being prepared for a series of federally-funded

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Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Certification

Share thisCultural Resource Analysts, Inc., assists its clients with various projects and requests. Architectural Historians at CRA work with clients to meet a variety of needs, including the completion of documentation for tax credit programs through the National Park Service.

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Historic Buildings Condition Assessment Report for Seven Buildings Located At The Cradle Of Forestry In America, Pisgah National Forest

Share thisThe Cradle of Forestry in America (CFA) is located twelve miles from Brevard, North Carolina. Today the site is part of the Pisgah National Forest. It was originally part of a 2,000 acre holding purchased by George Vanderbilt in

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National Register Nomination for the James E. Pepper Distillery in Lexington, Kentucky

Share thisThe National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation’s historic places worthy of preservation. Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places is part of

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Architectural Survey for The Proposed Buckeye Wind Farm In Champaign County, Ohio

Share thisCRA completed an architectural survey for Buckeye Wind, LLC, which proposes to construct a wind-powered electric generating facility consisting of 100 turbines in Champaign County, Ohio. The cultural resources investigation for the project was completed to satisfy two regulatory

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The Challenge of Defining Modernism

Share thisby Alan Higgins, Director of Architectural and Cultural History While it has been widely noted that systematic categorization of architecture from the post-war period defies the intent of much of this era’s design, the current framework of professional cultural resource

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Exploring Modernism in Philadelphia’s Suburbs

Share thisby Alan Higgins, Director of Architectural and Cultural History Just before coming to CRA, I wrapped up a project that examined the post-war era in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, a suburban community with roots dating to the earliest years of

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Unnoticed Modern: The Midcentury Architecture of Evansville, Indiana

Share thisby Alan Higgins, Director of Architectural and Cultural History Over the last year, I have been spearheading a study to document the midcentury architecture of Evansville, Indiana, a regional center on the Ohio River that, like many communities, witnessed

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Addressing the Next Generation of Historic Resources – Modern + Recent Past Architecture

Share thisThe task of architectural documentation and assessment is the product of an ever-evolving field that, with the passage of time, must constantly take new periods and types of resources into consideration. Even now, resources from the Modern era have

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Share thisCultural Resource Analysts, Inc. (CRA) has entered the blogosphere. This newly founded CRA blog will feature posts pertinent to the study of earth and man. The idea is to share the knowledge gained over our 30 years invested in the cultural

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