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The Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia Radiocarbon Database

Robert F. Maslowski, Charles M. Niquette and Derek M. Wingfield* Published in 1995, the article that follows appeared originally in the West Virginia Archeologist (Volume 47:1-2). It is provided here with the permission of the journal’s Editor in an effort

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Pottery and Tools Recovered from the Carskadon Site Tell a Story

by Richard Herndon, Principal Investigator Yesterday I introduced the Carskadon Site that CRA excavated during the AOS project. The site has a Middle Woodland occupation (circa A.D. 1–250). Many of the traits observed in the ceramics and lithic artifacts indicated

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Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc. (CRA) has entered the blogosphere. This newly founded CRA blog will feature posts pertinent to the study of earth and man. The idea is to share the knowledge gained over our 30 years invested in the cultural resource

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