W. Trent Spurlock, MHP

Architectural Historian

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Trent Spurlock

Trent Spurlock

Trent Spurlock has over five years of experience as an Architectural Historian at CRA. His working understanding of Section 106 compliance, mitigation procedures, National Register of Historic Places evaluation, and field management make him an asset to the CRA team. Trent has extensive experience surveying various types of projects for Section 106 compliance, including cellular telecommunication towers, highway improvement/reconstruction projects, electric transmission corridors, and United States Army Corps of Engineers jurisdictional boundary projects. He also has experience evaluating the potential effects such projects have on sites listed in, or determined eligible for listing in, the National Register of Historic Places. Trent has the training to conduct professional archival research on historic properties and to compile written reports synthesizing various types of information. Before joining CRA, Trent served as a research assistant for the University of Kentucky’s Center for Historic Architectural Preservation. Finally, Trent has experience with various aspects of historic preservation through his graduate studies at the University of Kentucky.

The majority of Trent’s fieldwork is conducted in Kentucky; although, he has also worked on projects in Indiana and West Virginia. He holds current membership in national and state perseveration organizations, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Vernacular Architecture Forum, the Southeast Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians, Preservation Kentucky, and the Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation.

Besides historic architecture and cultural landscapes, Trent’s interests include southern and colonial furniture, the history and material culture of the Shakers, and Kentucky whiskey advertising crocks. He also remains on the look-out for vintage postcards with scenes of Kentucky communities.