Ted Hoefer, III, MA, RPA

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing – West Region

Director of Operations – Colorado

Principal Investigator

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Ted Hoefer

Ted Hoefer

Ted Hoefer, III, is the Director of Operations for the Longmont, Colorado, office. Ted has over 27 years of experience in archaeology and historic preservation, including fieldwork, laboratory analysis, report writing, and project management. Ted has a master’s degree in anthropology from Colorado State University (1987). He came to CRA in 2005 and his geographical experience includes the Great Basin, Rocky Mountains, Plains, and Southwest cultural areas in Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, Arkansas, Oregon, Michigan, and Utah, and on Wake Island in the mid-Pacific Ocean.

Ted’s prehistoric research interests are centered on subsistence and settlement during the Archaic period in the intermountain west. His historic research interests include heavy metal mining in the Colorado Rockies, the archaeology of early twentieth century oil shale and uranium mining and milling on the Colorado Plateau, and the archaeology of World War II Pacific battlefields. Recently, Ted served as President of the Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists (CCPA) and continues to serve on the public policy and education committees for CCPA. He is a co-author of Colorado Prehistory: A Context for the Rio Grande Basin and served as a reviewer for the upcoming CCPA publication, Colorado Historical Archaeology Context.

About seven years ago, during the process of designing and teaching a middle school archaeology course, a local social studies teacher persuaded Ted to serve as a class mentor. Ted served as the mentor and married the teacher! When not working or reading books, Ted and his wife Danielle enjoy travelling, hiking, and camping in the Rocky Mountains, fishing for brook trout in high mountain lakes and streams, and working in their garden.