Stevan C. Pullins, MA, RPA, 12548

Director of Operations – West Virginia

Archaeological Resources Group Leader – West Virginia

Principal Investigator

Prehistoric Ceramics Specialist

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Steve Pullins

Steve Pullins

Steve Pullins has 20 years of experience in archaeology, and is listed on the national Register of Professional Archaeologists. Since 1985, he has conducted archaeological field work in Virginia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky. This experience includes supervisory and directorial roles associated with university-based archaeological field schools, archaeological surveys, National Register evaluations, and major excavations at both prehistoric and historic archaeological sites. His experience also includes papers, presentations, posters, and talks at venues ranging from local Rotary Club meetings to national archaeological conferences. Steve has authored nearly 100 reports for clients that include private individuals and developers, as well as local, state, and federal governments. Project locales have included highways, utility corridors, historic properties, military bases, housing developments, wetland mitigation, and national parks. His interests include all aspects of prehistoric settlement, especially in the Appalachian region, as well as research at rural slave quarters and nineteenth century farmsteads.

Steve has been an employee of CRA since 2002. He currently serves as the Director of Operations and Archaeological Resources Group Leader for the West Virginia office. His duties include preparing proposals, organizing projects, directing fieldwork, and authoring reports for all types of archaeological endeavors, including survey, evaluation, and data recovery mitigations.