Staff: Job Category

Executive Management

President, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

VP of Human Relations and Office Administration

Executive Vice President

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing East Region

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing West Region

Senior Executive for Business Development and Marketing Coordinator

Director of Operations Kentucky (Corporate Headquarters)

Director of Operations Indiana

Director of Operations Louisiana

Director of Operations Tennessee

Director of Operations Virginia

Director of Operations West Virginia


Corporate Office Manager

Office Manager Indiana

Office Manager Louisiana


Archaeological Resources Group Leader Kentucky

Archaeological Resources Group Leader West Virginia

Principal Investigators

Field Supervisors

Field and Laboratory Technicians

Laboratory Director Kentucky

Laboratory Director Virginia

Laboratory Director Louisiana

Bioarchaeology Specialist

Prehistoric Ceramic Specialists

Geophysical Specialists

Historic Materials Specialists

Lithic Specialists

Safety Officer

Architectural and Cultural History


Senior Architectural Historian

Architectural Historians and Historians


Publications Director

Publications Editors

Information Technology and Cartography

Director of Information Technology and Database Administration

Information Technology Assistant

Cartography Director

Computer Aided Design (CAD)/ Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialists