Patrick H. Garrow, MA, RPA

Emeritus Principal Investigator

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Pat Garrow

Pat is originally from Newport News, Virginia, but spent most of his professional career living in Georgia. His first experience in archaeology came in 1965, when he was a student at the University of Georgia working on the Carter’s Dam project in Northwest Georgia. Pat graduated from the University of Georgia with undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Anthropology.

Pat’s professional career has included teaching at two small colleges in Georgia, employment as an archaeologist with what is now the Office of State Archaeology in North Carolina, and employment in private sector CRM firms or firms with CRM programs. His initial employment in CRM dates to 1976, when he joined Soil Systems, Inc., to build a new program. He served as Chief Archaeologist for Soil Systems until 1983, when he and his wife founded Garrow & Associates, Inc. Garrow & Associates conducted hundreds of projects, mainly through the eastern U.S. and the U.S. Caribbean, and grew to be one of the largest stand-alone CRM firms in the country. Pat and his wife sold the firm to TRC Companies in 1998, and remained with the company until 2002, when they retired and moved to Dandridge, Tennessee. Pat realized that he had failed retirement and unretired in 2005 to join MACTEC Engineering and Consulting in Knoxville, and served as the Senior Principal Archaeologist for that firm until their CRM program was closed in mid-2010. He joined CRA in August 2010 as Tennessee Operations Manager and established a Knoxville office for the firm.

Pat has had an extremely diverse career in CRM. He has authored 9 books or monographs and over 50 articles in ethnohistory, historical archaeology, and prehistoric archaeology. He has presented numerous papers on a range of topics in ethnohstory and archaeology, and has served in elected positions or committee chairs for the Society for Historical Archaeology, the Register of Professional Archaeologists, the Society of Professional Archaeologists, the Society for American Archaeology, and in several state-level societies. He has directed projects in almost all of the eastern states and the U.S. Caribbean.

Pat and his wife Barbara have three sons, Tom, Mike, and Chip, and grandchildren Michael and Megan. They share an interest in a historic building in Dandridge, Tennessee, where Barbara operates a shop called the Dandridge General Store. Pat’s main hobby is photography, and his art prints have sold at the Knoxville Museum of Art and in a local gallery.