Leslie L. Holder, BA

Laboratory Director – West Virginia

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Leslie Holder

Leslie Holder

Leslie Holder has four years of field and laboratory experience in archaeology. She received her bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Illinois in 2003. Leslie has field experience on survey, testing, and mitigation projects and has worked on a variety of prehistoric and historic sites in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and West Virginia.  Since joining the company in 2005, she has served as a Field and Laboratory Technician, site photographer, field laboratory crew chief, and lithic analyst. As the Laboratory Director for the West Virginia office, she is responsible for the processing of artifacts and flotation materials, preparation of artifacts for analysis, data entering and maintaining site records, cataloging material, and site curation.  In addition, Leslie has experience in digital and film photography of various sites and artifacts, manufacturing plaster replicates of artifacts, and water maceration of skeletal remains. Leslie has served as a lithic analyst on several projects in Kentucky and authored chapters to several site reports.