Justin Williams, Ph.D.

Field Supervisor

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Justin Williams

Justin Williams

Justin P. Williams was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. The combination of his love of history and need to be outside made archaeology the natural career choice for him. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and History from the University of Kentucky in 2007. He then left Lexington for the tiny town of Pullman, Washington and started graduate school at Washington State University. He received a Master’s in Anthropology in 2009. Having finished all of his classes, he then moved to Madison, Wisconsin in 2011 to continue work on his dissertation. In May 2016 Justin finished his dissertation at Washington State University, earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology, and came back to Lexington to work for CRA.

Specifically, Justin specializes in the archaeology of Pre-Contact Hunter-Gatherer societies.  Justin’s analytical focus is on lithic technology. He is interested in how people learned and taught others to make stone tools as a method to understand the social organization of past peoples. Justin’s Master’s thesis examined stylistic trends in experimentally reproduced stone tools and his dissertation focuses on size and shape variation of Clovis style hafted bifaces from across North America.

When not conducting surveys or out in the field,  Justin can be found hanging out with his wife, playing overly complicated board games, or lounging with his pair of nearly feral huskies.