Heather D. Barras, BA

Laboratory Director – Kentucky

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Heather Barras

Heather Barras

Heather Barras serves as the Laboratory Director for CRA. She has been with the company since 2001, serving as a Field/Laboratory Technician and a Laboratory Assistant. She is experienced in prehistoric and historic archaeology and acted as the project manager for a phase I project located in the Western Pennyroyal physiographic region.

Heather is responsible for the processing of archaeological materials brought in from the field from small to large projects.  Her duties include all aspects of artifact processing, cataloging and daily maintenance of site records.  She also directs the process of preparing artifacts for museum curation.  Next, Heather is experienced in a variety of excavation styles, including shovel test probes, test units, and trenching on various phase I, II, and III projects. She has also documented architecturally significant historic homes. Lastly, Heather researches background information on sites and projects for current project areas at the Office of State Archaeology and other archives throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This process requires Heather to be experienced in reading quadrangle and historic maps and to have full knowledge of the location of file reports and site forms.

Heather became interested in archaeology during her study at Transylvania University, where she graduated in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and sociology. Shortly after graduating, she began working for CRA.

Heather’s main hobby is knitting. In the past, Heather has taken ballroom dancing lessons with her husband and holds a brown belt in Shaolin Do, a form of Kung Fu.  Heather also enjoys cooking, listening to music, and reading. Heather spends the majority of her time, however, playing and reading with her son.