Derek M. Wingfield, BA

Information Technology Consultant

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Derek Wingfield

Derek Wingfield

Derek Wingfield has been an employee for CRA since 1995. During this time, he served as a Field Supervisor for phase I survey projects. Derek also has participated as a Field Technician on phase I survey projects and phase II National Register evaluations. From the computer aided drafting of simple site maps to the development of complex spatial and relational Geographic Information Systems, Derek is responsible for the majority of CAD and GIS operations at CRA. Derek has developed the corporate cartographic symbology for all Kentucky Transportation Cabinet mapping. Derek recently developed a GIS of the archaeology at the Bluestone Reservoir for the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District. The Archaeology at the Bluestone Reservoir GIS package included an 86 page report, 8 quadrangles, 126 site descriptions, 98 site photographs, six aerial photographs, 74 historic maps, and over 1,300 data files. The site descriptions, photographs, and maps were linked to polygons on the digital quadrangle, which represented the location of the site on the surface of the Earth. This provided the client with a huge amount of information about the cultural resources of the Reservoir all on one small, portable compact disk. With Derek’s expertise, CRA is able to accept and produce data in a variety of map projections, coordinate systems, and platforms.