R. Berle Clay, PhD, RPA

Berle Clay

Berle Clay

Principal Investigator

Prehistoric Ceramics Specialist

Geophysical Specialist

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Berle Clay has worked for CRA since 1997. Beginning in anthropology in 1959, Berle has practiced archaeology in the Ohio Valley, France, Spain, Italy, and New Guinea. His career has involved university teaching, a stint as a state archaeologist in Kentucky, and employment with CRA. He is active in state and national organizations and has served as Grievance Coordinator of the Society for Professional Archaeologists and the Register of Professional Archaeologists. He is a specialist in prehistoric ceramics and near-surface geophysical survey and has served for a number of years as instructor in the National Park Service workshop on non-invasive techniques.

Berle has published extensively in Ohio Valley archaeology both on late prehistoric Mississippian subjects and on the Middle Woodland period. His current foci are the development of large-scale geophysical surveys and their integration with archaeological research design and Ohio Valley Middle Woodland, the Adena-Hopewell cultural continuum.