Benjamin J. Bilgri, MA, RPA 989956

Principal Investigator

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Ben Bilgri

Ben Bilgri

Ben Bilgri joined CRA in 2012 and serves as a Principal Investigator in the Shreveport, Louisiana office. He is responsible for the management of field personnel and daily project operations, and technical writing of project reports. He holds an M.A. in professional archaeology and has more than eight years of archaeological experience in the Southeastern and Midwestern United States. Ben has contributed to multiple large- and small-scale surveys, NRHP site eligibility testing, and data recovery projects. His primary areas of interest include the study of depositional patterns at historic sites, and the interpretation of depositional behavior on battlefields and historic military installations, but he has experience with a wide variety of historic and prehistoric sites.

Originally from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, Ben completed his undergraduate studies in archaeology and history at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. After serving for several years as a field and lab technician, he attended and received his M.A. from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln where he obtained experience surveying and interpreting a variety of historic and military sites. Ben has worked as a professional archaeologist contributing to cultural resource projects in fifteen states in the United States Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Caribbean.

Outside of archaeology, Ben enjoys camping, hiking, and visiting National Park Service properties and State Historic Sites with his wife Sarah and dog Tolstoy. He is a passionate bibliophile, a fact that has resulted in the refusal of all of his family members to ever help him move again.