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GIS Analyst

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Alex Pugh

Alex Pugh

Alex Pugh is a GIS professional with over 13 years of experience as a GIS Analyst and over 5 years of experience as an Archaeologist. Alex graduated with a degree in Anthropology from the University of Texas in Austin and is currently working on a Graduate Certificate in GIS at the University of Denver.  Alex is a recovering Legomaniac who enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and two dogs, listening to records (yes, the old vinyl kind), cycling, and trying new craft beers.

As an archaeologist Alex has conducted fieldwork throughout Texas (especially deep east Texas), Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. He has excavated and mapped feature-dense sites such as early and late prehistoric village, farmstead, and ceremonial structure sites. Alex has extensive field experience using GPS units, mapping with Total Data Stations, and conducting magnetometer and gradiometer surveys. He has exhumed dozens of burial features on historic and prehistoric cemetery sites.  In short, Alex has dug more shovel tests and had more close encounters with water moccasins than he can count! It was these experiences that inspired his interest in pursuing an indoor career in GIS.

As a GIS Analyst, he has wide-ranging experience providing GIS support for various technical and compliance projects for both public and private clients. He has created a variety of cartographic and geospatial data products in time-sensitive environments for use in published reports, fieldwork, planning purposes, and public and private presentations. He has a strong knowledge of map projections, custom grid coordinates, data query methods, photo/aerial interpretation, various GIS and CAD procedures, and georeferencing historic maps and other scanned images. Perhaps most importantly, he has an artist’s eye and creates maps that are both attractive and user-friendly.