Geophysical Survey (Geophysics)

geophys02Geophysical survey, also referred to as geophysics or geophyz, harnesses state-of-the-art data collection techniques, including magnetometry, earth conductivity, electrical resistivity, and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to locate and evaluate archaeological sites. CRA has pioneered the integration of these techniques with fieldwork to reduce costs and improve the quality of cultural resource evaluations. Principals in the firm have extensive survey experience throughout the United States working for public agencies and private consultants.

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Geophysical Survey Project Examples and Blog Posts


  • Magnetrometry, or magnetic gradient survey, utilizing duplexed Geoscan FM256 gradiometers
  • Conductivity, or Electromagnetic (EM), survey using a Geonics EM38
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR) by means of a Geophysical Survey Systems Incorporated SIR-3000 radar system equipped with a 400 MHz center frequency antenna and survey cart
  • Electrical resistivity with a TR Systems, Ltd., TR/CIA twin-probe resistivity meter


  • Archaeological site survey
  • Cemeteries
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Pipes
  • Buried concrete and building foundations
  • Roads (testing for sinkholes)