Cemetery Relocation, Identification, and Documentation

CRA, in business since 1983, is ready to help with your cemetery needs. CRA’s competent staff can conduct all aspects of cemetery investigations, including identification and documentation, delineation, excavation/disinterment, bioarchaeological analysis, and reinterment. Interdisciplinary approaches, including archaeological survey, geophysical remote sensing, archival research, genealogical research, and use of heavy mechanical equipment may be used to identify the locations of abandoned, neglected, and forgotten cemeteries, to delineate the boundaries of cemeteries with unmarked graves, and to connect individuals to descendants.

Most importantly, CRA’s professional staff will serve as your cemetery relocation contractor, taking responsibility for all aspects of the cemetery relocation process. CRA’s staff will ensure that all legal and professional matters and qualifications associated with work at your cemetery will be met. Cemetery relocations are conducted by CRA’s professional staff with respect and integrity, and such work is done with the discipline required of an archaeological excavation, which ensures that all graves and their contents are relocated. CRA’s staff consists of individuals with graduate degrees focusing on physical anthropology, and they have extensive experience in all matters concerning cemetery relocation, including exhumation of human remains, analysis of human remains to determine biological characteristics of each individual, and analysis of materials interred with the deceased. The relocation of cemeteries can be a highly emotional and sensitive undertaking for descendants and other concerned parties, and CRA’s staff interacts with descendant communities with respect and consideration of their needs and opinions.

CRA has the staff capacity and resources to mobilize multiple crews, even on concurrent, large projects. CRA works closely with federal, state, and other agencies to ensure that all legal aspects of work regarding cemeteries are met. CRA’s work is scientific and cost-effective, which provides our clients with a product of great value. Contact us today to see how we can help with your cemetery project.

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