Historic Paint Analysis

CRA is one of the very few companies in America which specializes in paint analysis of historic structures. The benefits are many. Our work can provide the answers to difficult questions regarding the history of a building; clues to the age of interior or exterior elements; and whether those elements are contemporaneous, later additions, or if elements are missing altogether. Also, we can pinpoint uses of specific rooms, circulation patterns, and spatial alterations that may not be otherwise identifiable.

An interesting example of our work was a study we conducted regarding a wrecked steamboat called the Heroine in Red River, Oklahoma. The purpose of this study was to examine any historic finishes from the wreckage samples that survived.

We have historical paint capabilities to help you get the answers you need. Whether you want an intensive on-site microscopic analysis or a more generalized approach, we are one of the very few specialty firms who have the expertise to help.