Presentation on Dead Horse Lateral Pipeline Cultural Resources Research

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DSC00012Lead archaeologist Colin R. Ferriman, Director of Operations – Wyoming, will be presenting the results of the research conducted during the Dead Horse Lateral Pipeline project at 3:30 pm January 29, 2016 at the Moab Information Center, Moab, Utah.

Environmental studies associated with the Dead Horse Lateral Pipeline afforded archaeologists an opportunity to intensively study the cultural resources within and around the pipeline corridor.  This multifaceted research examined both micro analyses associated with individual sites, artifacts, and natural resources as well as macro analyses that focused on the use of the landscape by prehistoric peoples.   The presentation will summarize the project, the prehistory of the region and the results of the study.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend and learn more about the lifeways of a past people and region .

3 comments on “Presentation on Dead Horse Lateral Pipeline Cultural Resources Research
  1. jake b says:

    Are the results published online?

  2. jake b says:

    Did anyone attend this presentation? I’d like to gain access to the information if it’s available.

    • Savannah Westerfield says:

      Thank you for your interest in the presentation. Unfortunately, at this time the BLM has not approved the report to be released to the public, and we do not currently have a redacted report available.

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