Elected Positions Held by CRA Employees

Bybee, Alexandra

  • Kentucky Organization of Professional Archaeologists, Secretary/Treasurer

DelCastello, Brian

  • Bluegrass Search and Rescue Team, Assistant Chief

Faberson, Tanya

  • Kentucky Old Mill Association, Treasurer

Garrow, Pat

  • Register of Professional Archaeologists, President

Higgins, Alan

  • ADC50 Committee on Historic and Archeological Preservation in Transportation, Transportation Research Board – Appointed Committee Member
  • City of Evansville Historic Preservation Commission, Appointed Member
  • Indiana Landmarks, Indiana Modern Committee Member
  • Recent Past Preservation Network, Board of Directors & President
  • Preservation Alliance of Evansville, President
  • Preservation Alliance of Evansville, Board of Directors

McKetta, Tosh

  • Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists, Treasurer

Niquette, Chuck

  • Chair, Gas and Preservation Partnership
  • Register of Professional Archaeologists, Secretary/Treasurer

Pullins, Stevan C.

  • Council for West Virginia Archaeology, Board of Directors

Simpson, Kay

  • Society for American Archaeology, Representative to the RPA Board, 2016-2018
  • Register of Professional Archaeologists, Strategic Planning Committee Member
  • American Cultural Resource Association, Liaison and Strategic Planning Committee Member