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CRA archaeologist Andrew Bradbury demonstrating flintknapping to cub scouts. Photo by Shannon Waller.

Andrew Bradbury Teaches Cub Scouts about Flintknapping

On June 7, Andrew Bradbury, an archaeologist working in CRA’s Knoxville office, spent a day discussing archaeology and flintknapping with Cub Scouts from the Toqua District (West Knoxville) Day Camp. Every year the scouts have a day camp. The theme ...

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Sayre School Education Program

Beginning in 1997, Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc. (CRA), worked with 4th graders from Sayre School on the Sayre School Historical Archaeology Project at Waterwild Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. The project was designed to investigate the spatial layout of the historical ...

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Sayre School: 1997-1998

  Over 15 years ago, CRA began its archaeological investigation at Waterwild Farm, which also served as an education program for students from Sayre School in Lexington, Kentucky.  The first year of the investigations at Waterwild began with the preparation of ...

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A student performs shovel skimming on a unit at Waterwild.

Sayre School: 1998-1999

During the second school year (1998-1999), a new proposal was developed for further testing of the site. Our research questions for this phase of the project were to (1) determine the stratigraphy and depth of deposits, the degree of disturbance ...

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Students participating in excavation in the backyard of Waterwild Farm.

Sayre School: 1999-2000

The third year program at Waterwild began with a presentation on a review of the goals and methodology of historical archaeology, and a slide show depicting the types of archaeological features that might be encountered at Waterwild. The first year's ...

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