Bradbury and Cooper Carskadon Site Article Published

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Overview of landscape around the Carskadon Site

Overview of landscape around the Carskadon Site.

Congratulations to Andrew P. Bradbury and D. Randall Cooper on their publication in the most recent issue of Missouri Archaeological Society Quarterly. Bradbury and Cooper discuss the excavations at the Carskadon Site associated with the Avenue of Saints (AOS) Project in Lewis County, Missouri. Bradbury and Cooper, both Lithics Specialists, analyzed micro-tools recovered from the Carskadon Site and interpreted the activities that may have occurred at the site.

The Carskadon Site was discovered during Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc., work on the  AOS Project between 2004 and 2006. Fifty-five sites were investigated and nine of the sites required major excavations. The excavations during the AOS Project helped to paint a picture of what life may have been like in the area for people thousands of years ago. The Carskadon Site was periodically inhabited over the last 2,000 years with the largest occupation occurring during the Middle Woodland (circa A.D. 1–250).

You can read the article by Bradbury and Cooper in the latest issue of the Missouri Archaeological Society Quarterly, which is mailed to members of the Missouri Archaeological Society. You can also learn more about the AOS project, the Carskadon Site, and other excavations during the AOS project from previous blog posts.

Congratulations again to Bradbury and Cooper on their publication.

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