Archaeological Survey for the Brooks Property Development in Clermont County, Ohio

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In 2006, Flora Church of CRA conducted a phase I archaeological survey for the proposed 33.2 ha (82.0 acre) Brooks Property Development in Pierce Township, Clermont County, Ohio. The work was conducted at the request of the Fischer Development. The project area consisted entirely of dissected upland south and east of Nine Mile Creek. A large portion of the project area occupied steep slope overgrown with second growth forest and moderately dense undergrowth of mixed vegetation and saplings. Surface visibility varied but was generally less than 25 percent. The entire project area was examined systematically by visual/walkover survey, and a portion was sampled through the excavation of shovel probes. Six new archaeological sites (33CT667–33CT672) representing both historic and prehistoric occupations were documented. Site 33CT667 was associated with the Bradbury House (CLE 220-9).

It was the recommendation of CRA that sites 33CT667, 33CT668, 33CT669, 33CT670, and 33CT672 were not eligible to the National Register of Historic Places, and that 33CT671 would require further investigation to accurately assess National Register of Historic Places eligibility. CRA recommended that no additional archaeological investigations should be completed for sites 33CT667, 33CT668, 33CT669, 33CT670, and 33CT672 or the project area in general. Furthermore, a phase II National Register assessment was recommended for 33CT671 should the plan for in-place preservation proposed by Grand Communities, Ltd., not prove to be feasible.


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